Chapter Spotlight

Our April Spotlight Chapter: 
WHO: Christopher Veal
WHY: past president ICF-OC

Some questions we asked Chrisopher to get to know him a bit better: 
How long have you been involved with ICF-OC and why?
I first started coming to ICF-OC meetings back in 2011 or 2012. I had met a couple people who were coaches, and wanted to learn more about ICF and what coaching was. It was something that interested me greatly and I was curious how I could not only connect with other people who shared my value of helping others learn and grow, it also helped me understand options for developing and refining my own skills in coaching.

You were the president for the chapter in 2014. What was your driver and what was one of your highlights of that year.
My primary driver for serving as President in 2014 was the coaches and members of our chapter. The foundation for my term was built upon the creating community and connection; between our own members, with other organizations, and also with organizations and individuals in Orange County. I knew we had an amazing group of people in our chapter, and it was important to reinforce our connection as we supported one another. There were a number of things I’d consider highlights of that year, though I think I’m most proud of the programming we were able to bring together. There was a lot of diversity in the content, and we had some really engaging presenters help bring that content to life.

Define your role as the president of the chapter: 
There are many functions you serve as Chapter President, though I believe the thing that helped me most in my tenure was to surround myself with an amazing Board of talented and creative individuals, and then I got the hell out of their way as they worked to help the chapter thrive and grow.

What’s your advice to the current ICF-OC board 2016: 
Have fun! Yes, there’s work to be done, and tasks to attend to, yet I believe if you can continue to have fun and enjoy yourself, it make a profound difference on your experience as a Board member. There are a number of returning members, so that also helps as there’s a greater comfort level as a group.

One other (bonus) tip I’ll offer: You don’t have to do it all. Sometimes less is more, and in particular remember to leverage our amazing members. You’ll be surprised what they can create if you invite them to volunteer and participate.

Who inspires you most and why? 
My mother. She always worked hard, never shied away from the challenges in life, looked for the opportunities instead of the problems, and most importantly she modeled how having a sense of humor can be a powerful resource. She transformed so many of the lives she touched, and in her own way was an amazing coach, though she may never have thought to claim that title. 

What is your favorite quote? 
Would the boy that you were be proud of the man you are? – Laurence J. Peter

Our November Chapter Spotlight:

WHO: Linda Denton 
WHY: She was the amazing creative energy on ICF-OC board the first 6 months of 2015, being the Program Director. 

Some questions we asked her just to get to know this amazing lady a bit better:

What was your main reason to join the ICF-OC Board in 2015?
"I joined the ICF-OC Board as the Program Chair because I wanted to be part of the vision that Maggie Stern presented. I loved being around her positive energy and complete optimism that has enabled her to put together a Board of engaged and commitment professionals. I also loved the idea of finding great speakers to help educate our current and future members."

What was the highlight as a board member of the ICF-OC?   
"There are a lot of stories I could tell about this fun Board. One of my highlights on this Board was attending the ICF Atlanta Leadership Conference with Maggie in March. For those of you that don’t know, Maggie loves to dance and I mean most of the night. It was truly motivating to spend three days with a large group of professional coaches from all over the world and listen to their stories, share challenges and insights, and look for opportunities to solve some of the issues of managing a non-profit organization.
While being part of this Board, I also learned the value of relaxation from Nathalie when she shared with us the calming effect of lying on her driveway at night and looking at the stars.
Ben amazed me with his ability to pull together an ICF meeting at a moment’s notice and Candice keep us together with her quiet and steady presence – all these qualities and more made for a fabulous team to be part of."

What is the biggest lesson you've learned being an ICF-OC board member?
"The biggest lesson I have learned being on this Board; is that it isn’t easy. This Board is formed for the benefit of the members and it is clear to me that there needs to be a partnership between the Board and members for the ICF-OC to truly be a successful Chapter."

How important is the ICF to you?
"As a member of ICF since 2007, I have a strong belief in what it means to be a credentialed coach. I appreciate that ICF sets standards and guidelines for professional coaches and these standards can demonstrate to potential clients that we have attained some level of mastery as a professional coach."

What’s your advice to our ICF-OC members?
"My advice to people interested in the field of coaching is to find as many opportunities as you can to be a “learner”, practice as often as possible, and enter all coaching relationships with an open and a curious mind."

Who has been your greatest teacher/influencer and why?  
"During my 20 year journey in coaching, I have been influenced by the work of Marshal Goldsmith, Ken Wilber, Dr. Robert Kegan, Dr. Lisa Lahey, William Isaacs, James Flaherty, Art of Hosting, World Café, Ontological Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, Integral Coaching, Enneagram, Otto Scharmer, Margaret Wheatley, Russ Hudson, Pam Weiss, and many more."

What do you love most about being a coach? 
"I am the owner of A People Development Company and have been providing professional services as an executive and leadership development professional for about 9 years. My primary clients are leaders and/or leadership teams and I feel gratitude for all of the people, big and small, who have helped me continue to evolve in this profession."

What is your favorite quote?
“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.” - Aldous Huxley

Our September Chapter Spotlight:

WHO: Cheryl Kitchner 
WHY: She is the initiator, the brains, and the energy behind the partnership of ICF-OC with WHW. She ran her own pilot-program with the WHW before getting ICF-OC involved. 

Some questions we asked her just to get to know this amazing lady a bit better: 

Single handedly, you started a pilot and then helped ICF-OC launch a partnership with WHW. What was your drive in being a pioneer in working with WHW?
I’m moved by the courage the clients of WHW/Men2Work and their strength to move forward in their lives, to pull themselves up through the most difficult of times and circumstances, to see the possibility of having a new start in life, and the potential for a bright future for themselves and their families. 

Through the Top Performer Coaching Program we bring support to the clients of WHW/Men2Work and make their lives easier by providing coaching services which helps them to become connected to themselves and provides clarity and focus on what’s important to them.  To help the Top Performers go from merely surviving to sustaining a productive life, and to live a life of fulfilment.  

What is your current role as a coach - internal or external or both? What is your biggest achievement as a coach so far? In other words, what’s your ‘proudest’ moment?
After reinventing myself last January, I was hired as Director of Professional Development at an international architectural firm - HKS, Architects.

I spent over 25 years working in interior architecture, I knew there was something pivotal waiting for me in my career. I have found my passion, and I didn’t have to go far to fulfill that passion. Today rather than practicing architecture and design, I serve architects in their professional development; connecting people to their purpose and passion at HKS Architects.
I am impassioned about creating an engaged corporate culture, I am inspired by key firm-wide developmental goals, and my intention is to create a place where people can flourish.

With 25 years of corporate leadership roles, my background includes professional development in leadership, coaching, and mentoring. As a Certified Professional Coach, I focus on NeuroLeadership, an emerging field of study connecting neurological science with the fields of leadership development, management training, and change management.

My proudest moment would have to be when a client has made a shift, a transformation.  When a client said to me “I can’t unlearn what I’ve learned”. When a front of the room leader asks a group in our firm “who has noticed a difference in office culture today, relative to one year ago?” and every hand in the room shoots up. I’m fortunate to work with an empowering CEO who gave me freedom to bring change and engagement to our company, my tribe.

What is your favorite quote? 
I have two favorite quotes…

  • I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. ~ Estee Lauder
  • If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble~ Lilly Pulitzer


What’s your favorite holiday destination and why?
A favorite vacation destination would include some type of adventure.  Travel is adventurous, and I love traveling to foreign countries.  I love exploring their culture, their food, and how they live. The most interesting part of traveling to Israel almost 10 years ago was in the old city in Jerusalem - that hasn’t changed in 2,000 years.  The sights, sounds, and the spices piled 5’ high are as rich and colorful as the people who live there. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all working side by side, raising their families, and living their lives.  Very different from how that is portrayed here in the states. I experienced many things on that adventure. Most significant was my experience of humanity, and how important human understanding is to me. And that has taught me to be present in the moment, and to appreciate the richness of life, to remain connection to myself so I can enjoy each experience.