President's Message

Happy New Year!

This is my first message as President of the Orange County chapter of ICF.

We on the board are so thrilled to enter a new year full of love and we’re excited to contribute to the creation and growth of this community.

When I moved to Southern California in the fall of 2016, I immediately paid a visit to the ICF Chapter. I was filled with joy because unlike any other organization I had ever experienced, this group felt like a family. Since then, this sense of family has only increased. Thank you for that!

I believe coaching changes the world. When we get down to the core of what we do, we are catalysts in transformation. This transformation is about how we, as humans, interact with each other—which changes everything. When our clients finally see their blindspots and choose a new path, they throw off the obstacles that were in their way—and really live.

We have a new board with some of the same faces and several new ones. Check out our About Us page to find out more about each of us. Feel free to reach out anytime to me—I’d love to stay in touch.

Here at ICF-Orange County, we are passionate about the profession of coaching. In 2018, our goal is to continue to grow this community. We will do that by holding regular events to assist with our learning. We are also committed to partnerships in 2018—partnerships with ways for us to give back to the community—and partnerships with corporations. In 2018, we will build bridges with the corporate world for the sake of our members and for the sake of the profession of coaching.

We are currently looking for committee members to join us on this journey. Please reach out if you can lend a hand!


Ken Carlson, PCC, CPCC

President, ICF-Orange County Chapter