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Desiree Pérez — Global Leadership Coach

Desiree Pérez has been our Director Programs since January 2018 and this month, we put her under the spotlight.

From her backgound as a leader in the aviation industry, Desiree came to coaching first as a client. This lead to a fascination with coaching and the life-changing experience of coach training. A year and a half later, Desiree has turned her commitment to help others succeed and her passion for leadership into a successful coaching business.

With an MS in Leadership and Strategic Planning, Desiree combines coaching and team training, encouraging people to develop mechanisms to honor the fact that every team member is unique, working with them to define values, vision and mission.

She has leveraged her extensive international network to build her client base. She finds that clients with an international background gravitate to her. Desiree's own life — she was born in Argentina and educated in Germany — enables her to relate to this international perspective. She coaches in several languages.


As her colleague on the board, I have always been impressed with her amazing efficiency and the sheer volume of what she is able to acheive. I asked what her secret was.

Working with people from different cultures is always a fascinating experience. One of the many ways in which cultures differ is in how direct people expect you to be in your communication. A mismatch can lead to offense or misunderstanding. Sometimes feedback can be so indirect that the person you are giving it to doesn't even notice that you are trying to tell them something.