Webinar: Emotional Connection (EmC) Process for Working with Clients

EmC provides a clear step-by-step methodology to shape key relationships in a way that creates a strong partnership at the top, improving engagement, communication, and enthusiasm for higher performance. Through a case study using a road-map, you will know how you can effectively deal with conflicts and reconnect the team together that will re-infuse their energy, engagement, and performance.

Takeaways from this event include:

1. Understand the science of Emotional Connection
2. Why attachment is important in performance
3. Two positions that we take to protect the relationship
4. Techniques to work with emotions
5. The Cycle of Interaction Worksheet

**Please note: Lola will be hosting our live Chapter meeting in August where she will dive further into this, this webinar is a great introduction to this extensive topic.

DR. LOLA GERSHFELD, PSY.D. is a Founder and CEO of Level Five Executive, Inc, a Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, is best known as the originator of the Emotional Connection process or EmC, a groundbreaking and empirically supported approach, deeply rooted in attachment theory and the power of emotional connection. She is a developer of Mastering Emotional Connection and Train-the-Trainer Certification programs. With over 40 Certified EmC trainers and 150 cases, Dr. Gershfeld helps leaders, boards, and teams to transform from distress to cohesiveness. She is a published author of two books, TRUSTMAKERS and Effective Board and Team Dynamics Guide, a creator of Be Cards and The Cycle of Interaction Worksheet. Her articles appear on Forbes, The Corporate Board, Industry Week, Corporate Board Member, The CEO Magazine, Chief Executive Magazine, NACD Directorship and others. Dr. Gershfeld serves on the Board of Governors at the Center Club Orange County and teaches Mastering Emotional Connection and Train-the-Trainer Certification programs at Pepperdine University in Irvine, she is also an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University.


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June 18, 2019
11:00 AM PDT to 12:00 PM PDT
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