Virtual Chapter Meeting: Coaching, the Grand Adventure with Michael Stratford, MCC

The focus of this presentation is threefold. It is all within the context of the Grand Adventure of Coaching. While these may seem like discreet and separate points, they are intricately woven in my journey and the journey of many of those I’ve taught, mentored, and continue to teach and support.

The first focus of the presentation is on the crucial keystone of coaching. This is what got me started on my journey.

Uniqueness. Since coaching is all about connecting with, honoring and leveraging one's uniqueness, this includes not only oneself, and the client, but the way in which one approaches the business itself. One reason there's such difficulty in the world with the coaching business is that it all looks like everyone else. The same email list building campaigns, the same marketing approaches, the same benefits, and features.

The second is on the Being and Doing of the Business of Coaching. This is what challenged me on my journey.

Inherent in this idea is that while many people focus on growing their skills or getting the 'right' marketing approach, what's often missed is who the person is who is making the choices in the whole game. Who you are makes a difference in what you do. Whether in the role of coach or the role of businessperson. This means that the path of a successful coaching business includes personal development work.

The third focus of this presentation is congruence. This is what sustained me on my journey.

Congruence not only with who you are, normally named 'authenticity' but also congruence in one's message. That is that unless you are working with a coach, have a coach, or have had a coach for a significant length of time you do not 'know' coaching. You have only acquired some theory, some skills and data points about it, and perhaps some anecdotal information, but nothing replaces direct consistent experience of the power of coaching. Any potential client can debate with me whether or not coaching 'fits' them but they cannot conclude that it doesn't work. Because I know from my personal experience how I have used it to not only turn my life around but have a successful career for over 20 years.

Takeaways from this event include:

 - Uniqueness the Crucial Factor
 - Relationships are the key to longevity
 - The business IS a business
 - If you want to grow your business grow yourself - The Importance of Being Coached
 - Attachment to the outcome is the death of the process

The question I pose for each of the members today is…What is the personal Quest you are on by undertaking the path of Coaching?

1.0 Core Competencies and 1.0 Resource Development

Guest Speaker: Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael Stratford – Master Executive Coach, Author, Speaker
“Provocateur of Personal and Business Transformation”

Michael is a champion of uniqueness and specializes in unorthodox thought leadership. When presenting it’s been said he’s a blend of wise elder and wickedly irreverent comedian. But that doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 100 company execs and their teams.

He has created an ACTP called Coaching Mastery Program: Designed with Mastery in Mind that he’s delivering both in person and online for China.

He’s also very excited that 2021 will be the debut of his long awaited, labor of love called 7 Realms: A Quest for Self- Mastery, which is like nothing ever seen or experienced before in the personal and professional development world. It is a truly Gamified world experience both in person and online.

In field of Executive Coaching, he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of excellence in communication, leadership, and team performance. Michael’s business client list is an exercise in diversification. It includes Finance/, IT, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Social media, the Online Gaming World and even other consulting/ coaching providers.

Michael is masterful in the Art of Provocative Inquiry for Leadership Development. His creativity, love of language, and sensing acuity have helped his clients align with emerging trends and personally congruent solutions.

In the field of Coaching he was an early adopter (1992 was his first course), attaining the MCC designation in 1999. In addition, he has written 4 books on coaching, created curriculum for 4 training organizations, has trained over 8,000 coaches worldwide and continues to love the privilege of working with people wanting to have a better life, while being congruent with whom they truly are.


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September 17, 2020
6:00 PM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT
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