Webinar: Coaching & Technology with Vanya Koonce and Pam Bateson - The changing behaviours of the coaching buyer

Thrive Partners has digital coaching and mentoring that produces what we call, whole system insights. We have 230 highly trained coaches and mentors and a platform that our competitors use to host their offering into the market place.

Yet our approach to coaching has been radically different from our competitors and some would argue not as good. Yet we continue to grow at over 100% year on year and corporates tell us that they value our approach and can see how to democratise coaching with our offering.

We also have avoided doing any form of structured coaching/mentoring relationship or the traditional intake sessions. We do not match our clients. We do not do individual performance tracking and we allow the user to be totally in control of their learning experience. We will debate with you how you think this fits with the future of coaching and mentoring and if it needs to change. We will ask what the pitfalls are in our approach and if the learnings from the COVID pandemic need us to once again revisit the whole approach, proposition, and coaching methodology. Can coaching and mentoring come closer together as an offering or are they still very distinct in the corporates eyes and if so, does each intervention need to be handled in a different way? And sold in a different way?

I will share how the coaching and mentoring demands from corporates have changed over the past 5 years and present what they are looking for now. Whether they are a multi-national billion-pound business or scale-up company with only 2-300 employees. What are the key things they ask for and what are they concerned about?

As a firm that has extensively been using data for insights too, we will share the response to recorded conversations from all the people that have used the platform and explain our shift from personal progress to organisational fitness for purpose. We know the one key measure all HR teams are being asked to report on and will share how this is informing our design thinking for the platform.

We commit to do an interactive session and look forward to the participants sharing their points of view and collective experiences. The need to commit our collective expertise to the 2021 agenda is well and truly upon us and we hope this conversation will be both meaningful and memorable.

Takeaways from this event include:
An understanding of the differentiations of the corporate requests
- Pro's and con's of each model
- Point of view on the landscape for 2021 for coaching, mentoring, and training

Our Host: Vanya Koonce

As a leader of this virtual group Vanya Koonce intends to provide opportunities for coaches to learn from the most disruptive leaders in the coaching industry. "Coaching and Technology" will be a place where coaches could ask questions and share knowledge related to present technological trends, software platforms, applications, and the future of coaching. 

With extensive education and background in Psychology, Organizational Development, Personal Growth, and entrepreneurship, Vanya Koonce draws on a wide range of coaching skills integrated into her private practice, BeYourself. She is also a Co-founder of an exciting new, interactive coaching app, AgilGoals. 

And her guest: Pam Bateson

I am the founder and CEO at Thrive Partners. I set the business up in 2015, to democratise coaching and mentoring.

To do this, we built Thrive Connect, a platform that is used to makes it effortless to deploy in-house coaches and mentors into your business or for resellers to offer their coaches, mentors, and trainers into corporates. We also have MyThrive. This connects learners with our network of 240 coaches and mentors - on-demand, 24 hours a day. The platform puts learners first; they choose what they learn, who they learn from, and when they learn it. And the results are clear: we have a 9.4 score for the quality of our coaching, and 100% of our users put the learning into practice within a month. And team coaching and training is also possible.

Working with the best tech, we give learners a better experience and give businesses a great-value solution that measures how learning happens.

Ultimately, we want to change the way we change, making it happen more easily, more quickly, and more accurately - for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our collective achievements include:
* Being selected for the Mayor of London's International Business Programme (recognises and nurtures London's best tech businesses)
* Being one of 2018's female entrepreneurs to watch by About Time Magazine
* Being recognised as a thought leader on futureproof learning and human-to-human business, and keynote speaking for organisations like Training Journal, Women of Silicon Roundabout, and the Learning & Development Thought Leaders' Conference.

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December 01, 2020
11:00 AM PST to 12:00 PM PST
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