Virtual Chapter Meeting: Relational Presence for Coaches with Tina Mertel and Pam Noda, PCC

Build a richer connection with clients that evokes your best coaching self in service of the client.

As coaches, our ability to be fully present and conscious with our clients is core to a successful relationship. Yet sometimes we can let the skills and tools we learned to steal our focus away from being in the moment. And without awareness of our way of being with our client, our coaching relationship is less effective. Having presence continues to be key as you progress from an ACC to a PCC, to an MCC coach.

While it’s important to intentionally improve our capacity for presence, exactly how can we do that? This highly interactive webinar will equip coaches with the Relational Presence methodology. This proven process will build your muscle on how to be with clients. Relational Presence allows coaches to access a way of being that cultivates trust and safety, maintains presence, deepens active listening, and evokes awareness with clients.

For more on Relational Presence and Coaching, see this article:

Please be sure to use your webcam for this webinar. This is a high participation event where attendees have the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the session. Be “camera-ready” to interact with other participants via webcam.

Takeaways from this event include:

• Raise your level of authenticity so that you feel comfortable no matter what comes up in a coaching session
• Create a safe environment for clients to be who they are
• Stay present, open, confident, and flexible

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Our presenters: Tina Mertel and Pam Noda

Tina Mertel and Pam Noda are PCC-level coaches with the International Coaching Federation and are certified in Relational Presence (also known as Speaking Circles®) Training. Experience has taught them that being in Relational Presence with clients is the ground of coaching wisdom. From there emerges a coach’s sense of what to say when and which skills/tools to apply. From there emerges a client’s inner knowing and call to action. This combination is what yields inspired coaching from the coach and inspired results for the client. And this way of being with clients is the key to successful outcomes for leaders, presenters, and facilitators as well.
For more on Relational Presence and Coaching, see this article:

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March 18, 2021
6:00 PM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT
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