Virtual Meeting: Thomas Leonard, The Founder of the ICF: Why You May Never Have Heard of Him and How He Impacted Your Life

Thomas Leonard, widely considered the "Godfather of Coaching," and the Co-Founder of the ICF and Founder of Coach U, sadly passed away in 2003.

He has so much to do with your career, yet you may not have heard of him. He was brilliant, controversial, a masterful coach, and very mysterious.

In the year 2000, Thomas created "The Millennium Tour" and traveled across the US and abroad, touting the profession of coaching.

Over 400 coaches applied for the "Tour Manager" position and after 3 grueling interviews, Michael Charest landed the job. So Michael flew to Florida to meet Thomas and his dog. They jumped in Thomas's 34-foot RV and met with thousands of coaches over the next several months!

In this program, Nahid Casazza interviews Michael, now an 18-year business manager and business development coach. We’ll get to hear stories about what Thomas was really like, how he thought, how he worked, and what drove him to create this profession. We’ll also learn from Michael how to build long-term success in your coaching business, without gimmicks, tricks, or slimy sales techniques. Michael will also take time to answer your questions – to provide you with a glimpse of what your business could look like three, five, ten, or twenty years from now. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the experience of someone who has already played this coaching game in several different forms, and walked many of the paths you may be considering walking.

Takeaways from this event include:
• How Thomas created his "Perfect Life Program"
The Top 3 things you want to be sure you model from Thomas Leonard
• How to grow and maintain your business based on what Michael learned from meeting THOUSANDS of coaches.
• Fun, crazy, zany stories from the road that will make you "bust a gut!"

Our presenter: Michael Charest

Michael Charest is a 17-year veteran business coach, consultant, author, and speak¬er. He founded Coach & Grow RICH, and is now the president of Business Growth Solutions, a company specializing in helping solo and micro businesses attract more clients, grow their businesses, and live the prosperous life they deserve! Michael has coached over 500 individual and 1,500 small group clients, delivered more than 100 live talks and webinars, and created over 1,200 pages of business content as well as a self-help book, From Grunt to Greatness! He LOVES working with coaches so they can bring their magic to the world!

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May 25, 2021
11:00 AM PDT to 12:00 PM PDT
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