6 or 7-figure coaching business with eight clients

During this special FREE event you’re going to discover insider information on how the top coaches and personal transformation experts in the world use the Coach Elevation Method to really get results for their clients and grow their business. You'll discover things like...

-  The BIG, "elephant-in-the-room" difference between frustrated, overworked and struggling “expert" coaches with a revolving door business and the true rainmakers creating stunning client results and enjoying the financial reward they deserve.

-  How the “New Year's Resolution Effect" costs business coaches tens of thousands (or more) in lost clients and revenue every single year (and how you can fix it easily with vertical development)

-  How to use the radically unique Coach Elevation Method to earn 7-figures in 3 years (and why not knowing this will keep you stuck at your current business level for years)

-  I'm going to share a ground-breaking four step framework for turning average coaches into “rainmakers" (this approach is usually reserved for those who can afford the $6,000 fee to learn it - you'll see proof in the free class - who would you be, and how would your business be, if one client was worth $125,000?

-  What the two biggest "choke points" in your coaching business are and why average coaches ignore this - whilst world class coaches only focus on these two things.

And much more!


Zander Woodford-Smith is a co-author of #1 International Best Seller: Better Business, Better Life Better World. He is the founder of Stryv, a software and training company that helps entrepreneurs and coaches achieves their goals with over 15,000 members.  Through the company's charitable giving Zander won 2nd Place in the B1G1 Global Impact Awards for 2017 out of 2000 businesses worldwide. He has also been a keynote speaker at the Business For Good conference, TEDx and many more.

Recently he partnered with a 7-figure business coach who struggled her first year in business but after applying her coaching tools with Stryv’s approach to human transformation grew to 43 1-1 clients with 100% retention in 3 years. Together they want to guide coaches to elevate their business, the results they get for clients and they whole coaching industry using their radically unique Coaches Elevation Method.


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July 17, 2018
11:00 AM PDT to 12:00 PM PDT
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