From Vision Boring to Vision Boarding

TITLE: From Vision-Boring to Vision Boarding: Learn How to Create Vision Boards Electronically With Two Websites

You're a coach. You're familiar with the vision boarding process, and you probably use it with your clients to help them get clear on their goals.

The old way of creating vision boards involved digging through tons of magazines to look for just the right picture and words that described their dream. You and your client were stuck with whatever was printed.

But what happens when they can't find the right picture or phrase? Why do you still have that stack of magazines in your office? Hello? Recycling bin, anyone?

Worse yet...what happens when your client can't find the right word or phrase for their board? They cut and paste letters and words from a variety of sources and their vision board winds up looking like a ransom note.

Ugh! Boring! (Inner critic sez: "That's not MY vision.)

No More!

Now there's a new way - a way that allows your client to create the EXACT vision board they want. Customized to their dreams. #nolimits anyone?

Led by the South Bay's Favorite Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Daniel Olexa, CCHt, ACC, this webinar will teach you how to use just two websites, (and yes, they are FREE to use!) to help your client clarify the life of their dreams.

Because, yeah... we get more of what we focus on. The clearer that vision, the better the results.


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January 15, 2019
11:00 AM PST to 12:00 PM PST
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