President's Message

Dear fellow coaches and guests,

Wishing you a healthy, happy, peaceful and successful 2020 and beyond!

This year begins my 4th year volunteering on the board of ICF Orange County chapter and I’m excited for the opportunity to serve as president. I am honored to be working alongside a diverse, seasoned, and passionate team.

Your board met in December and we had a fun and productive time strategizing on how to best contribute to you. Here is the theme for 2020 (drum roll please) to support professional coaches to have a successful and prosperous coaching business!

Throughout the years many coaches have shared, and I experience for myself, that having an ongoing successful coaching business/practice is an area of development. This is why, this year, we will focus on what it takes to have a successful coaching business/practice. Our intention is to increase engagement of our community through meaningful connections, all while having fun.

Part of the powerful vision of the International Coaching Federation is to ensure that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and we feel, our theme for 2020 will impact that vision.

Three Goals for 2020:

1) Support you in having a successful coaching business
2) Improve engagement & connection
3) Have fun

Here is what 2020 will look like:

An exciting line up of monthly chapter meetings and webinars:
     Inspirational stories from successful coaches on how they built their thriving businesses
     Facilitated interactive sharing – including masterminding around business development
     Keys to growing a successful coaching business - practical business tools
     Growing yourself; growing your business
Social Meetups
New – Coaches circle/coffee
Raise awareness on the benefits of coaching to the community
Social progress initiative through pro-bono coaching for non-profits
International Coaching week event May 4-10 - this is the 25th anniversary of ICF

Here is a link to your events

As we progress in this new year, I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning about your successes and advances. Let’s make 2020 your year to engage and thrive, personally and professionally!

Nourishing Thoughts,
Nanor Ohanesian