President's Message

Dear fellow coaches and friends of coaching,

This month's message is a little late. I would normally have sent it on the first, but didn't want you to think it was a joke!

Back from the cold

I'm pleased to be back in Orange County after my time in chillier, wetter parts of the globe. Despite the rain, the ICF Global Leadership Forum in Dublin was magnificent. I really loved being around 300+ chapter leaders from all over the world and was able to connect with coaches from as far as India, China, Kenya, Nigeria and Seattle as well as our good neighbors from LA, San Francisco, Arizona and Sacramento.

One of the things I realized (with help from an insightful coach, Greta Boye our splendid Director Membership) was that the thing I really valued about the event were the networking opportunities, especially when we were able to use our coaching skills to have transformational conversations. As coaches, we know that's how change and learning happen rather than by having experts talk at us and show us slides.

I was heartened at our meeting on Monday to learn that the rest of the board has been thinking along similar lines. As a result, from now on our chapter meetings will be much more 'coachy', inclusive and interactive with ample chance to network and grow our sense of community. We will still have guest speakers and will favor quality over quantity. We will further refine our selection criteria to make sure that all speakers are working to our ICF definition of what coaching is and isn't.

International Coaching Week

ICW 2019 is the week of April 29th to May 5th. The purpose of the week is to celebrate the power of coaching to transform individuals and organizations. It also aims to educate the public about the value of working with a professional coach.

Our big ICW event at the Double Tree Hilton Irvine Spectrum will bring together business leaders, HR professionals and of course you, our members and guests, for an evening networking event featuring an open bar and a panel discussion on the transformational power of coaching in organizations. Panelists include a highly successful CEO, a training and development expert and an MCC coach. The generosity of our sponsors enables us to offer tickets for this event at only $25. I look forward to seeing you there. Click here for tickets.

Some goodbyes

Vanya Koonce joined us this time last year as Director Programs and transformed the chapter with the sheer volume of webinars and live events she managed to organize. Since January, she has shared the role with Karyn Chylewski and now is handing it over completely having served a full year. Vanya will continue as our social media person and as host to a series of webinars about coaching and technology. I'm sure you will join me in thanking her for her hard work and dedication. She leaves us in Karyn's very capable hands.

Ken Carlson, our 2018 president and former Director Programs met the president of the ICF Poland chapter at last year's GLF and romance bloomed. Ken moved to Poland earlier this week. I wish him all the best and thank him for his contribution to the chapter and the world of coaching in Orange County.

Member research

One of the ways Vanya will continue to keep herself ridiculously busy now that she has left the board is with her business studies. She and some of her classmates are working with us as a consultancy project on increasing member engagement. I'll be writing to everyone soon asking for volunteers to be interviewed.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful April.

Best regards,