President's Message

Dear ICF Orange County members and guests,

As we near the half-way mark in the calendar, we have a few things to mention about what we have done and we are excited to announce a robust program for the remainder of the year. 

During International Coaching Week, we had a tremendous evening. Coaching was in the air as we did 100 coaching sessions over the course of 90 minutes. We called the event Speed-Coaching. Each of the 10 coaches had 10 coaching sessions as we rotated 12 clients through the event. We’re going to use this format again and we’d love for you to join us when we do.

Our vision as a community is three-fold:

  1. Create engaging events for our members—for learning and growth. 
  2. Give back to the community with partnerships. 
  3. Build bridges with the corporate world for the sake of our members and the profession of coaching. 


The second half of 2018 flows directly from this vision. 

We’re will have at least one in-person event each month and at least one webinar each month. We can confirm the following events already. Get these dates on your calendar and use the links below to sign up!

In-person events

July 26th: Non-Flict with Ximena Veliz

August 22nd: Improvisation for Coaches with Carrie Spaulding

September 13: The Points of You with Sezin Hason


June 28 Dr. Pat Williams

July 7: Audio vs. Video: Neuroscience Behind Adult Learning Theory with Karyn Chywelski

August 7: YouTube Videos for Coaches with Brighton West

Sept 20: Book Writing for Coaches with Kimberly O’Hara

Oct 2: Conscious Leadership—How to Coach for Evolution with Eric Kuffmann

Tying into our bigger vision, the in-person events are all being held at the offices of WHW—where we are partnering with this powerful not-for-profit organization by doing pro-bono coaching.

Our partnership with corporations is also getting off the ground. You can help. We are looking for judges to help us choose and reward Orange County Corporations who are using coaching effectively in their organizations. This December we will present an ICF Prism Award to a local corporation.


Ken Carlson, PCC, CPCC

President, ICF-Orange County Chapter