President's Message

Dear friends, fellow coaches and guests,

This is my, erm, September message…

Now, I know September 24th isn’t exactly the beginning of the month. I’m afraid the tardiness of this message is rather indicative of things that sometimes affect my ability to get things done.

The first one, I suppose is New year’s good intentions. I long ago made a resolution to never make New Year’s resolutions and I have stuck to that, resolutely. I did start off my year as president on a high note and resolved to send messages at the beginning of each month. I managed to keep to this despite a minor blip in March, which was due to a bit of jet-setting, until the last few months when I have slipped down a slippery slope.

The recent decline, I think, reveals a phenomenon akin to falling off the wagon. At first you feel bad about missing the deadline, maybe get a bit annoyed at yourself, but then think what the heck (or similar) and the commitment goes out the window.

I’m curious to know how you deal with this in your own lives and how you support your clients through it. Let me know on

I hope you’ve been enjoying our recent webinars. My favorite has been the one about neurology and mini habits by James Garrett. As a result of taking part in the webinar, I have gotten into the habit of going for a walk round the park every time I clean the cats’ litter tray. If you missed the webinar, you can check it out here.

I really hope you will join us this Thursday for our monthly coaches’ get together in Irvine, with ample opportunity to mingle and share with like-minded people over dinner and a drink. You can register here.

Bye for now till my October letter which should reach you very soon.

All the best,